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Now that we are discussing Dubai armored cars, it only makes sense to know as much about your bulletproof car as possible. Not many people know that armored cars are available in different prices and categories. You cannot have all the features in an armored car at a nominal price. That’s not going to happen, so you need to choose the best package and see if it fulfills your needs or not. Keep in mind that every package is going to cost you a different amount of money.

Of course, you also need to see if you even require the package or not. For instance, your needs may not call for the heaviest and most well equipped car in town but if you want to go for it, be ready to pay a serious amount of money for it. Coming back to the basic point of buying an armored car for your needs. Being in an honest buyer is going to help you as well as the seller in many ways. Knowing your needs from the bulletproof of the vehicle you’ve chosen makes sense too as it will highlight your needs properly. Here is more on armored cars their common types available in the market today:





It is true that there are plenty of different types of armored cars available in the market. Out of all the types available, you can classify them into two categories. Keep in mind that these are meant to help find the right vehicle for your use. The two popular categories are:

  • Discrete armor vehicles
  • Dedicated armor vehicles

The first type, as the name suggests, is primarily based on an average commercial car. The fact is that discrete armored cars are much more affordable but at the same time they may offer slightly smaller protection. However, even if you are getting the basic B6 level protection out of your discrete car, you will have enough protection from a majority of threats and firearms out there.

The dedicated armored car is a little different and is likely to offer more protection compared to discrete ones. However, the price difference in both is also quite notable and so is the level of protection. Remember, you can also get similar level of protection in your cheaper discrete armor car as well but it will still be considered an add on feature.

Whatever the case may be, searching bullet proof cars and picking one for your use is always a worthy option.