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Misconceptions About Consumer Armored Vehicles

For the last few years, armored vehicles have become extremely popular in most parts of the world. Their fame is such that several armored cars can be seen on most roads these days. It is not to say that these cars are taking the market by storm but their share is increasing by the day. The extent of this can be judged by the number of vehicles being sold by each manufacturer and by that measure, the number is indeed rising. For instance, when it comes to suvs, the armored land cruiser has become the car of choice for passionate riders in the GCC countries. The extent of their popularity is such that you will notice many of these cars roaming the streets of UAE and Saudi Arabia. They are equally popular in other states and can be found in big numbers. You may be wondering if there is any way for people to recognize these cars or do they look very much like a normal non-armored land cruiser. The answer is that it depends upon the overall armoring of the car. If it is heavily armored, the armoring may be visible from some distance. However, light armoring is not easily visible and one has to look closely to see if the car has armoring or not. Here is more on this so stay put and keep reading:

What To Know?

When it comes to misconception about armored cars, and suvs, there are several. First, people think of bulletproof cars as expensive. In fact, some of them think of these cars as ultra-expensive which is simply not the case. There are two types of armoring, one is discrete and the other is complete. Discrete armoring is done on a car that was not originally built as an armored car. in fact, it was an ordinary car turned into a bulletproof one later or order. On the other hand, the complete armored car is the one that was meant to become an armored car right from the assembly line. Though the models are selected carefully, like Range Rove, Land Cruiser or some other car, the model is put through full armoring. This includes change or panels, suspension, tires, axle, and some other smaller parts. In essence, this car will be completely armored from ground up and will then be put on display or sold to the customer.

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