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Luxury car industry is often stamped with a lot of controversies. The car manufacturers are often blamed for over pricing their equipment and for not supplying enough spare parts in the market. The truth cannot be further from that. It is true that the price of each luxury car is many times higher than the repair cost. However, the truth is that the manufacturers try their best to make as many spare parts as possible. The sales of the cars are directly related to the availability of the spare parts. Nobody wants to buy a car for which spare parts are not easily available.

The Price of the Service

 Luxury vehicles have such a big price tag because each part of the car is handcrafted. Therefore, there are very little chances of getting damage very easily. However, in the rare cases when a part does get damaged, it can be replaced by the spare parts that are available at the official selling stores and dealerships. Take for example the Mercedes gear repair shops. These services station were set up after a common problem of gear replacement issue in many cars. Therefore, it is not impossible to find the best equipment. The companies which are facilitating these products to their customers are bound to facilitate their customers with the warranty covered services. Due to this reason it is very important for the luxury car manufacturers to prepare the service industry units of the sold units. Without this aspect the trust of the customers would be shaken in the brand and they would not want to purchase the newer models of the cars.

To win the trust of the customers and to make sure that their investment does not become futile with a little bit of engine issues, luxury brands open up service station side by side with their showrooms and car selling stations. It is very common to find the Cadillac service unit within the dealership where it is being sold. For the most part there are car dealers that have been making an effort to facilitate their customers with better after sales services and encouraging them to buy more units of their brands.